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Home Theatres

The term "home cinema" encompasses a range of systems meant for movie playback at home. The most basic and economical system could be a DVD player, a Standard Definition large-screen television with at least a 27" diagonal screen size, and a "home theatre in a box" surround sound speaker system with a subwoofer.
A more expensive home cinema set-up might include a Blu-ray Disc player, home theatre PC (HTPC) computer or digital media receiver streaming devices with a 10-foot user interface, a high-definition video projector and projection screen with over 100-inch (8.3 ft.; 2.5 m) diagonal screen size, and a several-thousand-watt home theatre receiver with five to seven surround-sound speakers plus a powerful subwoofer.
The most-advanced systems are 3D-TV-enabled home theatres making use of 3D TV sets/projectors and Blu-ray 3D players which use special glasses to aid viewers in seeing 3D movies and sporting events.